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Garage door services will include garage spring repair in most cases. There are a number of signs that indicate you need garage door repair. The springs can become loose over time, and are difficult to adjust if you are not a professional. From a door that won\'t open, to a struggling motor when the door is opening, garage door springs are often the problem. they can be broken or just needs some service. 

Garage Spring Repair Kansas City 

It isn\'t easy to adjust or replace a garage door spring. The spring is tightly coiled metal, and can snap if you adjust it too tight. It is dangerous to try to change out or adjust the spring if you don\'t know what you are doing. Weather Garage door services of overland park will identify if the problem is your springs, opener, cables or anyother issue and take care of the problem for you.

Signs of Spring Problems

If you open your garage door and it opens just few inches , the spring could be broken or lost tension . When the motor strains to open your door, this could be due to springs not holding the weight of the heavy door. It is important to contact out garage door repair team in overland park to get the problem fixed. If you ignore broken/loose  springs, this can cause your door to slam shut unexpectedly, the garage door opener can brake since he is not designed to lift heavy weight.
Pay attention to any problems going on with your garage door. Get the professional help you need when your garage door system is not working properly. Good maintenance will keep your garage door in good shape longer. Don\'t adjust springs on your own, as this is not safe to do.

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